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A new TikTok clone hit the top of the App Store by paying users to watch videos

Zynn’s creator, Kuaishou recently received a $2 billion investment from Tencent, the Chinese tech giant behind WeChat. 

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Image: A pair of 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1s, made for and worn by U.S. basketball player Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan sneakers sell for $560,000 at Sotheby’s auction

The vintage 1985 pair — in the iconic white, black and red of the Chicago Bulls — were worn by the NBA legend during his rookie season in Chicago and brought to auction at Sotheby’s by a private collector.

Samsung Electronics announced its blood pressure monitoring app for Galaxy Watches has been approved by South Korean regulators.

Called the Samsung Health Monitor, the app will be available for the Galaxy Watch Active2 during the third quarter, at least in South Korea, and added to upcoming Galaxy Watch devices.

Larger View of Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm), (Golf Edition)


Google’s  data centers run 24/7 and suck up a ton of energy 

One new method has the facilities keeping an eye on the weather so they know when the best times are to switch to solar and wind energy.

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New studies have shown Smartwatch and Health tracker in tracking Respiratory rate is able to detect signs of abnormal respiratory behavior in COVID-19.

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Tips to pick the right earbuds to fit your lifestyle is what you want to know before buying.

10 Top reviews on Earbuds best buy wireless in 2020. Apple Airpods, Galaxy buds, Master & Dynamic, Bose and more.

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Analysts have widely documented massive increases in internet traffic from all manner of stay-at-home activities which may cause Cloud impact on Environment.