Solar watch Battery 5 Times Higher

Solar smartwatch Battery 5 times more

Solar smartwatch Battery 5 Times Higher

Empowered By Solar Lens Technology

Garmin’s Power Glass system has shaken up decades of stagnant solar panel technology, by replacing previous solar panels with a super-transparent glass lens.

These Solar devices built for extreme sports, by integrating microscopic solar conducting cells into a glass panel with a thickness less than a millimeter. The panel can effectively capture photoelectricity from regular watch faces by combining Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) display technology.

Shallow Focus of Clear Hourglass

Delivery 5 times the Power

The advanced ultra-thin wafer is selected to achieved charging efficiency, to reach a solar conversion rate of 5 times higher than the industry standard. Allow Instinct Solar to provide longer battery life while exposing under the sun.

Power glass solar charging with variable based on sun exposure, equipped with a chart to track solar intensity.

Battery Life Breakdown:

  • Smartwatch: Up to 24 days/54 days with solar
  • GPS: Up to 30 hours/38 hours with solar
  • Expedition GPS Activity: Up to 28 days/68 days with solar
  • Max Battery GPS Mode: Up to 70 hours/145 hours with solar
  • Battery Saver Watch Mode: Up to 56 days/Unlimited with solar

3 hours of 50,000 lux sunlight (is strong sunlight) to get the charge to hit the maximum numbers above.

Instinct solar comes in 4 models

Multi-Sports Modes and features;

  • The Instinct is equipped with multiple different sports modes including running, cycling, swimming, climbing, skiing, rowing, weightlifting, and yoga.
  • Endure longer hours with over 50 days of usage, track long GPS, Glonass, and Galileo.
  • Exercise longer with over 30 built-in sports apps
  • Dedicated tide data and surf activity, operate longer
  • Connect longer smart notifications

1. Standard Edition

The base model has all the key features including a pulse oximeter, ABC sensors, military standard rugged casing, and more.

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Premium GPS Smartwatch with Included Wearable4U Ultimate White EarBuds with Charging Power Bank Case Bundle. Garmin Instinct Solar $319.99 $419.99  

2. Camo Edition

Feature multi-coloring of the case and the strap with the design inspired by the US military camo patterns.

Garmin Instinct Solar, Solar-Powered Rugged GPS Smartwatch, -Lichen Camo-

Do what you love, longer with Garmin Instinct Solar Smartwatch. INSTINCT SOLAR CAMO $349.99 $449.99 Fast + Free Shipping + 15% OFF!!

3. Tactical edition

Unique tactical features, the stealth mode that hides your presence, night vision mode for night-time combats, Jumpmaster mode for surprise attacks from the air as well as dual-position format display that helps you identify your directions ( MGRS and TM2).

Tactical is the top choice for military fans and survival game enthusiasts.

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) GPS Smartwatch Gift Box Bundle | +PlayBetter Portable Charger, HD Screen Protectors (4-Pack), Car/Wall Adapters & Protective Case | Packed in Black Gift Box Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical (Moss) $379.99

4. Surf Edition

Comes with surf features such as tide data and a dedicated surfing activity profile.

Garmin Instinct Solar Surf, Solar-Powered Rugged GPS Smartwatch -Cloudbreak-

Access multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) plus ABC sensors, including an altimeter, barometer and three-axis electronic compass. Garmin Instinct SOLAR SURF $349.99

So whatever sports you enjoy, you’ll find a new way to beat yesterday.



Battery life – Unlike Fenix 6 Solar, Instinct Solar’s battery life improvements are much more drastic. Instinct Solar adds more control over battery life, with the same power-saving modes as found on the Fenix range.

GPS max battery, The Instinct Solar UltraTrac, pings the satellite a lot less, helps to extend battery.

Lightweight – The Instinct Solar weighing just 53gram. 30% lighter than a Fenix 6.

No TOPO mapping which you’ll find on Fenix 6, but tracking breadcrumbs of your walk with the built-in compass uses the inset screen and has its own widget, which can help you keep a heading.

The run tracking is no-where near as detailed as the Fenix 6.

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Power Glass solar charging lens and customizable power manager modes, this smartwatch can stay on and remain performance-ready for weeks Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar $699.99 $849.99

Deal breaker – Turning on Instinct pulse ox for sleep will half your battery life, just for taking some oxygen readings at night.

The Garmin Instinct Solar is superb in location tracking and tough design makes it ideal for trail running, mountain biking, hiking, and climbing.

However, Garmin Instinct Solar does not support onboard music, Garmin Pay, or Connect IQ apps, watch faces, or data fields

The Garmin Instinct Solar standard edition was released in July 2020 and costs $299.99 – $379.99

Crop unrecognizable male doctor with stethoscope

7 Garmin Health Science Facts

Garmin comes with an extensive range of Health monitoring hard data which can help you unlock your body’s secrets with a touch of your wrist on the go.

One of the body’s most important vital signs, our heart rate differs due to numerous factors such as age, gender, and other physical characteristics.

Do you know your heartbeat does not always keep a steady rhythm? Basically, Our heart doesn’t keep a steady beat like a metronome.

Do you know stressful experiences influence our heart’s activity?

#1 Heart Rate

A convenient way to track heart rate, by measuring your exercise intensity with heartbeats per minute. For instance, our normal at rest adult heart rate averages around 75 beats per minute (bpm) (between 60 – 100 bpm).

#2 Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV data is used to measure our physical stress, body battery, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max), and lactate threshold. Garmin’s optical heart rate technology uses HRV to assess our sleeping quality.

In general, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the variation in time/interval between each heartbeat.

#3 Respiration Rate

To track each inhalation and exhalation by using an optical pulse rate technology to measures our average number of breaths each minute (bpm) over each day.

A sign of good health is a low respiration rate while your body is at rest. An adult at rest will normally record a respiration rate of between 12 to 20 bpm.

If your respiration rate at rest is higher or lower than average, it can indicate potential health or air quality problems.

#4 Stress Tracking

Stress data is derived from your HRV. Lower HRV means your body is experiencing stress. Likewise, a higher HRV can indicate a reduction in stress levels, or that you have adapted to better handle stressful situations.

Generally, any physical activity & training, sleep, nutritional intake, and everyday pressures can all influence your stress levels.

Stress levels are calculated on a scale from zero to 100.

0 to 25 indicates low-stress levels,

26 to 50 indicates medium stress levels,

51 to 75 signifies high-stress levels and

76 to 100 represents extremely high stress.

This function provides a better understanding of our daily stress levels and makes timely adjustments to keep stress in check.

#5 Body Battery

Tracking your Body Battery score can help us to improve our daily routines. For example, if our Body Battery is low in the morning, we can review our previous days’ activity data to analyze why you are low on energy.

Body Battery analyzes HRV, stress levels, sleep quality, and daily activity levels to gauge users’ personal store of physical energy.

It is displayed using an energy scale from zero to 100. The larger the score, the larger the store of energy that you will be able to devote to that day’s activities. If the score is too low, it is a sign that you need to take a rest.

#6 Pulse Ox (SpO2)

Pulse Ox is one of the most reliable technologies for detecting blood oxygen saturation.

Our cardiovascular system is responsible for distributing oxygen throughout our bodies. Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) is a valuable indicator of health and physiological function.

By tracking our blood oxygen saturation, will better understand our body at rest at sea level should have blood oxygen saturation between 95 to 100 percent. Below 90 percent is considered excessively low.

SpO2 can help to assess our body’s acclimatization, and track increases or decreases in your blood oxygen saturation as and when our altitude changes.

#7 Sleep Monitoring

Sleep monitor 3 sleep stages applying cyclic waves:

Stage 1. Light Sleep: As your body prepares to enter deep sleep, eye movement and muscle activity decreases. This kind of sleep helps your body relax.

Stage 2. Deep Sleep: During deep sleep, eye movement and muscle activity totally stops, and your heart rate and breathing slow. Your body enters a restorative mode, building bone and muscle tissue and boosting immune function.

Stage 3. REM Sleep: As you leave deep sleep, the length of each cycle increases from shorter to longer periods. REM sleep is when we dream, a time when the brain is almost as active as when awake.

* Garmin wearable devices are not medical products and should be used for reference purposes only.

They must not be used to diagnose, treat, alleviate, or predict any disease or illness.

Users are advised to seek medical professionals, should they encounter any health issue.

GARMIN Instinct Solar Review 2020

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