7 ways to stay motivated

7 Ways To Stay Motivated


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I came across Joel Osteen podcast recently and what he said struck me,Words are like seeds when you speak something out you give life to what you are saying. If you continuing saying, that will become a reality. Whether you believe it or not you are prophesying your future. ” 

On another podcast, Joel emphasized, is easy to go through life holding on to things that are weighing us down—guilt, resentment, worry, and doubt. These things naturally come. The problem is that when we allow them in, they take up space for the good things.” 

Joel is showing how our life is like a container. You have the freedom of choice to fill your container with joy, peace, confidence, creativity, or on the flip side filled that container with grieves, complaints, anger, frustration. In short, by allowing worry in, it pushes out peace and all the good things in your life!

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So, how the above has to do with motivation? 

Staying motivated has to do with our mindset. The secret to keeping yourself motivated is to condition your mind and body. Flush out negative energy, keep away from negative thoughts.

It’s impractical to control everything identified with what we experience or how we experience it. We can, in any case, utilize straightforward pressure the board procedures and create fundamental aptitudes that won’t just assist us with confronting the pressure mammoth yet tame it too.

1. Organize Movement

It’s a well-known fact that physical action normally diminishes pressure and expands the arrival of the “vibe great” hormones. Physical development shouldn’t be organized exercise within a rec center or studio. Rather, plan time to be dynamic. This can be a lively walk, a lot of body-weight practices you can finish quickly in your office or lounge room, a yoga workout, or a light run with a companion. Movement is just restricted when you put in a safe spot. Further, dynamic time can be as short as climbing a couple of staircases and still stay inspire positive.

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2. Employee Motivational Factors

The failure to state “NO” or decrease an assignment you don’t possess energy for is a typical test for some. Thus, this prompts expanded degrees of stress and uneasiness. It is O.K. to state “No, thank you” or “I couldn’t imagine anything better than to help sometime in the not too distant future, however, thank you for considering me.” One of the obstacles a significant number of us face is failing to organize our own needs since we are occupied with taking care of the necessities of others (companions, family, work, extracurricular occasions, gatherings, and so on.). Rethink the plan for the day and sort out the basically significant perspectives at the top and leave space for “you time.”

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3. Set a Daily Affirmation

The primary thing many do when the alert goes off is to dispatch rapidly into the day by day procedure of preparing for the afternoon; this is a routine and here and there thoughtless custom. Alter this repetitive custom to incorporate an everyday confirmation to direct your bustling day. Straightforward expressions, for example, “I am grounded,” “I am focused” or “I am solid” can fill in as a careful compass that instructs us to challenge negative considerations or useless idea designs. Post every day insistences via web-based networking media, murmur them to yourself, put them on a post-it-note in your office or include them as a note on your telephone. Keep them close by as a token of your worth and reason.

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4. Get Enough Rest

Rest is a typical functional procedure. At which our body attempts to fix, re-establish, and restore the different frameworks of the body. It’s anything but difficult to trust one can run on six or less long periods of rest, however, the body (and psyche) eagerly oppose this idea. An all-around rested individual is more fit for combatting worry than a not well-rested person.

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An absence of therapeutic rest expands feelings of anxiety. To improve your rest, start by making a loosening up sleep time routine (lights diminished and screens and advanced gadgets put in a safe spot). Focus on hitting the hay and ascending on reliable occasions and abstain from expending caffeine after 3 PM. Little changes may prompt large outcomes.


5. Practice Authentic Acceptance

Let’s remember the importance of keeping an uplifting mentality and looking on the brilliant side. Be that as it may, it’s similarly essential to be legitimate in recognizing how we feel. It is O.K. to permit feelings to travel every which way as they do normally and not feel just as we have to push them aside or smother them for staying positive.

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This is the place a reflection diary can demonstrate to be helpful. On the other hand, verbally handling how you feel with a believed companion or individual can alleviate pressure. Time and again, individuals judge themselves brutally for feeling furious, disillusioned, or baffled. Rather, work to acknowledge, permit, and keep away from judgment.

6. Develop Your Creative Side

Taking part in the inventive procedure is a profoundly successful approach to move the brain’s center, put dread in a safe spot, and diminish pressure. Over and over again, stress originates from feeling apprehensive, shaky, or not exactly. Investigating your innovative side assists with challenging those negative sentiments. Discover something you appreciate—painting, composing, chiseling, building, structuring, and so forth.— and put aside a window of time every week to seek after that action.

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7. Staying Sustain

A drawn-out pressure the board strategy is by expending a decent eating regimen.  Yes, eating right is count. At the point when feelings of anxiety are high, the longing for natural solace nourishments, straightforward sugars, and prepared things regularly increments. While these kinds of food sources may feel attractive at the time, they won’t give the sustenance the body needs to refuel and confront (and in this way survive) upsetting occasions. Reliably expending an eating routine that incorporates fiber, sound measures of fats, lean proteins, complex sugars, products of the soil, and low-fat dairy (or choices on the off chance that one has an affectability to a particular food) is vital to effectively oversee worry over the long haul.

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I once asked to imagine myself as a seed, if this seed landed on a non-fertile soil, it will wither in no time. However, if the seed land on fertile soil it will soon turn into a tree and bear fruits.

To get rid of a bad habit and cultivate a good set of habit require discipline and determination. It is nice to gain back your six-pack and remove the undesirable belly, you will get there as long as you continue working on it. 

We are known to be a habitual creature, but our Mindset is more powerful to overrule habits.

Begin with a baby step, by getting a journal writing out what is your current container, list out the items you want to get rid off that container. Next form a new container, put in your topmost desired items into this container, and set a time frame, half a year, or a year to reach your goal.  

Practise made perfect, build a good foundation begins with this simple 7 ways to stay motivated and incorporate your desirable container, the result will shock you in no time! 


7 Ways to MOTIVATE Yourself at Work

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