7 effective fat burn guide
7 effective fat burn guide

7 Effective Fat Burn Guide



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Males on average should have around 15% body fat, women around 23 %.

There are several methods used to determine if you need to lose body fat (besides looking in the mirror and dislike what you see).

Body fat testing can be done with skinfold calipers. Another way to tell is the waist-to-hip ratio. The waist-to-hip ratio indicates where most of your body fat is located. People who carry fat around their waists are referred to as “apples”.

People that carry most of their fat below the waist are often referred to as “pears”. Carrying fat around your hips and thighs (a pear) is considered less of a health risk. However, the shape of the apple is not a good sign.

Fat around the waist is considered an increased risk for type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer.

To find out what shape you are, use a tape to measure your hips at their widest point, and then measure your waist at its narrowest (usually around the navel).

Then divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement. A ratio greater than .80 for a woman and greater than 1.0 for a man indicates that you are an apple! The amount of fat you are carrying will eventually harm your health.

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Is losing unwanted fat a simple process? 

The answer is NO, it does require certain willpower and hard work.

Burning body fat is simply expending more calories than you consume, most people go about the wrong way when trying to lose weight.

One wrong way is to drastically cut down calories, which is not healthy or wise to do. This is called dieting. By restricting your calories, you may lose a small amount of weight initially, but you will gain it all back (and usually more) when you get tired of starving yourself.

Another wrong alternative is to greatly increase your calorie expenditure by overdoing cardiovascular work. Doing aerobic activity 7 days a week, an hour at a time will not produce healthy results either.

You will probably burn yourself out and become overtired. When this happens, your weight training becomes negatively affected.

The key is proper balance. Doing the proper amount of aerobic activity combined with the correct diet is how we are going to effectively lose the unwanted body fat, once and for all.

Doing a little of both is also more realistic to continue as well. Who wants to look forward to years of diets?

Staying balanced is crucial and is a healthy way. If you eat a spoonful of ice cream, you are left wanting more. Eat a whole tub and you have a huge stomach ache. Balance is key.

There is no magic solution, it is pure hard work. Treat these tips like a blueprint, or a roadmap. Follow them closely and you get to your destination. Approach them haphazardly and you get lost.

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Box, Boxing Match, KangarooBoxing is the Best Stress Reliever that accompanies some genuine pressure soothing advantages.  

Boxing is a great way to flair out the steam, anxiety, anger, and frustrations unleash them on a punching sack. Boxing is a strength and cardio workout for your inner badass. 

Boxing as a game requires an elevated level of athletic ability: quality, speed, readiness, deftness, perseverance, nerve, and force, just to name a few required properties. Boxing as a wellness action empowers the normal individual to sharpen those equivalent athletic abilities.

The Key is DETERMINATION AND PERSEVERANCE. Set weekly or monthly realistic goals for yourself. Once you reach that goal, enjoy the victory for a moment, and then have another one ready to go after. STOP REASONING WITH YOURSELF. Take action today and stay committed.



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Rock Climbing Gives You Cardio and Strength Building In One Workout.

Rock climbing is another fantastic way to build endurance, fortify your muscles, and increment your pulse to work on your cardio. Climbing provides an extraordinary exercise for the full body including the chest area and legs as both are being used with each activity of climbing.  

Perform 2 to 3 intense cardio sessions per week.

The prime reason for doing cardio is to expend energy by burning calories. Cardio also helps to speed up, or “prime” our metabolism. Plus, cardio helps by enhancing our endurance and our cardiovascular health as well.

These are the main reasons we do cardiovascular exercise. You are not going to lose weight if you do not move your body. You need to burn off more calories than you consume, so this is where the running or cycling or any form of activity. Two to three sessions, 30 minutes each, is all that is needed to see optimal results.

Approximately 30 minutes of high-intensity work. The higher the intensity of an exercise, the greater the energy expenditure will be (in turn, the greater the fat loss).

Get sweat out and pump up your heart rate to efficiently burn body fat!

Walking up hills, swinging your arms more, or walking at a brisk pace. The key is to move more of your body. Jogging, mountain biking, Stairmaster, elliptical trainers, treadmill walking at a steep incline are some of the beneficial forms of cardio. >> Running Tips

30 min effective fat burn utes session is sufficient to condition your metabolism to burn body fat.

Warm-up for 5 minutes; bust your butt for 20 minutes, and then cool down for 5 minutes.

Perform two to three, 30 minutes sessions of intense cardio a week and you will soon start seeing results.



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With a minimum of three intense weight-training sessions per week

Muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat. The body expends more calories to maintain lean muscle tissue than it does fat. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, even at rest!

Three intense weight training sessions a week is a good number. Each session 20 to 30 minutes.



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Five to six small meals consisting of high-protein, moderate carbs, and low fat.

Other than cardio, nutrition is the only other way you can directly manipulate calorie intake and expenditure. Our eating habits will make or break our fat-burning results.

Eating every three hours or so to keep your metabolism operating efficiently. Constantly grazing on food will keep your body burning the fuel it is consuming. If you eat two or three large meals a day, you slow down your metabolism. Also, by only eating once in a while, your body will start storing fat as a defense mechanism. Your body needs food (fuel) to survive. If your body is unsure of when its next meal will be, it will

store more of the food it does get as body fat, for it is unsure when its next meal is coming. It wants to hold on to what it has to protect it from future famine.

Eat a meal or snack consisting of high protein, moderate carbs, and low fat every three to four hours. This means around five or six small meals or snacks a day.

Follow the 50-40-10 rule. 50% of your daily calories should come from protein, 40% from complex carbs, and 10% from fats.

As far as meals, keep protein sources like fish, turkey, chicken, lean red meat, whey protein supplements, low-fat dairy products, egg whites, and some soy products a mainstay in your diet. Carbs should be complex sources such as vegetables, brown rice, whole-grain bread and cereals, bagels, oatmeal, and pasta.

Peanut butter, olive oil, fish oils, and flaxseed oil can be used sparingly, 10% fat, and 90% of the calories.



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Most of us are well aware of this but can be overlooked by many of us due to our busy schedule and work circumstances. Our body is generally made up of two-thirds water, and our muscles contain 70% water.

Some of you may not like the taste of plain drinking water, and tense to substitute it with another form of water-based drinks like soft drinks, coffee, tea, and fruit juices. We need to be mindful of our choices especially the quality of water we drink. Drinks that are high in sugar, sucrose, fructose, caffeine, are best to drink sparingly, are good to cap at one cup or one glass maximum per day.   Too many of these substances may disrupt our body system.

By keeping a bottle of plain water at work, in your car, in your fridge, or any other place you frequent. Water is abundant so try to get plenty. Drinking plain water is one of the effective ways to help cleanse our bodies and detoxify better.



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Measure your results. You can look in the mirror and see if you are achieving beneficial results. You can tell by the way your clothes fit or by what your friends say. You can judge by the scale, although this is not the greatest way to measure success. After starting a weight-training program, you will soon start adding muscle mass. This muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale may not show a difference in weight.

The way to properly measure your progress is through body fat testing. This is a very accurate method to test the percentage of fat mass and muscle mass that you have. Obviously, if the goal is to lose body fat, you need to see if what you are doing is working. It’s good to test body fat at least every 30-60 days.

You need to know where you currently are before you know where you are going.



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You will probably not lose 10 pounds of body fat in a week, but one or two pounds a week is very realistic. Figure out your daily caloric maintenance level, reducing 150-200 calories a day.

Work on this for a couple of weeks. If you still do not see results, lower it by another 150-200 until you start seeing the results you want.

Remember this, building lean muscle will assist you in the fat-burning process. The more muscle you build, the more energy your body expends, your body metabolism increase, stay burning calories even at rest.

This Guide is contributed by Personal Trainer, Shawn Brun



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