Invests In Online Courses To Stay Marketable

5 Tips On Online Courses To Stay Employed

Embark On Online Courses To Stay Marketable

5 Things You Have To Do If You Lost Your Job During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the world to take a drastic turn in all the activities we carry out. Everything has changed, from the simplest things, like going to see a movie at the cinema, to the most relevant stuff like going to work. 

Unfortunately, one of the worst affected areas as employment, the cause of the lockdown had brought the unemployment rate skyrocketed. 

According to the BBC, in the UK 156,000 fewer people aged 16-24 are employed now compared to three months ago. Overall, unemployment had increased by 0.4 percent in three months. That figure varies in every country. However, not everything is lost. If your work has been affected by the virus, discover these five things you should do from now on:

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#1. Reinforce Your Knowledge

Being unemployed is not synonymous with staying home, waiting for a job to knock on your door. If you have already finished university, it is time to start strengthening all your knowledge in the different work areas.

We are lucky to live in the 21st century, this era with the best technological development in the history of mankind. The Internet allows you to learn many things from the comfort of our home.

Invests in new skills to help stay marketable, the best thing to do is to reach out for online courses (free or paid) and start learning. It is one of the best ways to take advantage of during the time of unemployment before going out to look for new opportunities. You don’t necessarily have to study subjects related to your career.


#2. Get A Job As A Freelancer

Nowadays, with physical jobs in danger, the alternative of remote work seems to be the best answer. Freelancers are the workers of this new era.

The popularity of cyber work has increased much more since the arrival of the virus. These jobs allow you to generate a lot of income from wherever you are located, this job opportunity is borderless, since is base online it is also 24/7.

Perhaps many have doubts about the earnings of a freelancer. For that reason, here is a list of the top four jobs with the best hourly rate today:

1. App developer: $60 per hour.

2. Interface designer: $40 per hour.

3. Full stack developer: $20-30 per hour.

4. 3D modeler: $30 per hour.

These are the best-paid positions on almost all freelance websites in the world. Besides, there are other jobs such as writers (whether SEO, blogs, or sales articles).

Some writers can earn between $1-5 for every 100 words, others write custom fixed-price articles based on the total number of words, and some charge by the hour. The best job is just around the corner. 


#3. Make a Good Resume

Self-development keeps you stay relevant in both professions and commercially employable, keep in mind that when this whole situation ends, it will be time to go out to find a new job. Check out the websites that offer the best templates and find inspiration to organize your resume.

One of the best ways to attract the attention of your employers is with a well-organized resume, which can highlight all your skills and knowledge in different areas. Remember that these documents are not only used in physical jobs; many online companies required digital resumes to hire new talent.

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#4. Start a New Project

Do not view the pandemic as something negative. In fact, during this moment is when you should put all your skills into practice. One of the main obstacles keeping people from starting a new project is lack of time. Without a work schedule, there is more time to study the market and begin an innovative venture.

What businesses can you start during a pandemic? One of the areas in which you can develop a successful business can be technology. COVID-19 allowed companies and entrepreneurs dedicated to technology to have more customers.

You don’t necessarily have to build a technology development company, but you can use the tools of technology and communication to boost your project. Social networks have become great allies of world trade to get new customers and reach thousands of people in many parts of the world.

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#5. Create a Savings Plan

Money is the biggest concern during this COVID-19 period. By creating a savings and investment plan, your money can multiply quicker than you think. Many people choose to work with the stock market; others prefer to work with real estate.

The possibilities of saving in the United States are pretty widespread, which offers options for everyone, from the young to the elderly. Remember, if you lost your job, you are still able to get job opportunities through the Internet, which allows you to continue generating more income.

Here are three simple ideas to save money during COVID-19:

    1. Write down all your expenses:

Create a spreadsheet or excel file tracking all your expenses with a tally of the amount of money you spend on necessities like food, clothing, and taxes each month.

     2. Set a limit:

When you write down your expenses for the month is time to plan how to spend that extra money. These allow you to set a personal limit with your money will not cross the line that could leave you in an uncontrollable situation. This movement is unavoidable when you live as a couple since the expenses are usually shared.

   3. Look for savings and investment plans:

Despite the pandemic, many savings systems continue to function: cryptocurrency banks, stock exchanges, pyramid businesses, real estate, and even credit loans. You need to study which one is most useful for your situation and make the most of it.

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Your life after losing a job during a pandemic will only depend on you. Remember, many people in the world have suffered from this unexpected disease, but some take advantage of the negative scenarios to generate more money. 

Make an individual plan, expand your knowledge, aiming to produce money from home, and that way, when this pandemic ends, nothing can stop you from moving forward because you are well prepared. It is important to be disciplined, keep your emotions in check, and be prepared for ups and downs.

Devoting time to self-development and picking up new skills has been the best investment, you will already know what to do in a scenario like this in the future.


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