10 ways to look smart without suit
10 ways to look smart without suit

10 ways to look smart without suit


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Sun + Stone - Men's Graphic French Terry Sweatshirt

Graphic French Terry Sweatshirt

We know уоu are able to look professional even without an elegant pinstripe suit or a silk handkerchief.

To assemble and pair with the right piece of dress shoes can also create an instant smart look. Looking Stylish can be done so effortlessly.

Dress how you want to be addressed, forget the rules, if you like it, wear it go with your flow.

Mаking the fіrѕt impression certainly counts. Be it with the people whom you meet daily at work or conducting some business presentations.

Whаt you are looking for is some informal, smart casual fashion tips.

10 ways to look smart without a suit does not make you less professional but can make you more approachable.


1. Aiming To Look Stylish

Fashion reflects who you, stay stylish in every mood. 

An accessory like glasses can be sexy to bring out your personality and attitude 

Fashion is an ageless adventure, never sleeps so have fun and embrace it!

Most men tend to approach their casual style from a different angle. They may try to aim to look youthful, but if you want to look well-dressed, stylish without going overboard at some time portraying the professional image by looking mature and approachable.

Perforated body panels on this smooth faux leather Michael Kors jacket lend it a subtle, sporty vibe for a look that is unique and modern.

Showing off your masculinity that will command respect instantly. It is a quality you want to attract and invite. Avoid anything flashy or overdoing things, try to keep things basic, create that everlasting look, by investing in a quality outfit that will last and suitable for all occasions, and staying seasonal.Club Room Long-Sleeve  Dot-Print Stretch Shirt, Created for Macy's

Wearing a funny tee is basically may look like a guy that makes the same joke over and over again. It mіght be funny for the first time you put it on, but then what on the second round it gets steadfast. Another thing to look out for is to try to avoid any loud slogans that are abusive or rude. You don’t want to appear like an uncool guy to a gal you fancy.

Why would you don’t want to look like someone who is stuck on a growing stage!


2. Give Up The Graphic Tees

Shed off the boyish look, stop wearing your cap backward. Chuck away that funny slogan tees despite the popular belief. You don’t want that edgy look but instead, be yourself look original.

Work on your body, hit the gym 3 times a week will transform and craft your body shape in no time, looking fit, healthy is charming, and irresistible.

With a great body shape, any simple Tee you put on will instantly look like a heartthrob without much effort and look flattering.

The sporty look calls for a little something extra, new heights with the cool color-blocked styling and attention-grabbing airplane print of this polo shirt 

Sun + Stone - Men's Regular-Fit Colorblocked Airplane-Print Polo Shirt


Or add a few 2020 Spring-Summer trending colors to spice up your wardrobe a bit.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Shop Now


3. Simple Denim Is COOL

When coming to casual legwear for any stylish guy is a great pair of well-fitted jeans.

Steer clear from the look of the past, dated oversized and baggy look jeans just don’t compliment your height and in fact, make you look kinda sloppy. 

Fitted jeans are stretchable and are comfortable. It is best to get a pair that fit and sit right on your waistline without the hassle of wearing a belt.

The clean look concept gives you the everlasting look. One good pair will last you for many seasons to come. Say No to Distressing, Ripping, Bleaching look, keep away from Big Logos, keep your leg clean and subdue simplicity is the best policy and somehow elongate your height too!


Contemporary classic hip and narrowed leg, these tapered jeans will be your next go-to pair.


Have a pair of classic indigo, black, or charcoal grey denim in your wardrobe at any given time will never go wrong

Denim is hardy and very versatile to create a casual smart look that can be dressed up with a well-pressed white or black dress shirt. This look is stylish and is always in trend.


4. Change it up down below

By the way, who doesn’t like to own a pair of Chinos? Chinos is a cross between casual and formal.

It is hard to say NO to a pair of comfy Chinos! No one can ever get enough of a pair of Neutral or Khaki. You can easily transform an office outfit to an outgoing look in a switch of a second!

chinos are more comfortable than ever with just the right amount of spandex. Planning an evening out with friends? Wear chinos. Going to a business meeting? Wear chinos. Heading off to the beach for a wedding? Wear chinos. The trick, however, is to pair them with the right shirts and accessories.

 Premium No Iron Khaki Classic Fit Flat Front Hidden Expandable Waist Pant can never go wrong to complete the look with a pair of dark brown or burgundy loafer or leather Drivers, viola instant smart look, you can top it up with a bomber jacket if the temperature drop.


5. Class up your footwear

Okay, you may need to plunk down for this…

Look out for that dirty, beat-up shoes that will damnedest your otherwise smashing outfit. Replace them with something more dignified.  A decent pair of all-around made quality dress shoes may offer an instant-picks-me-up look.

Little detail counts, to own 2 to 3 pairs of well-made dress shoes will liven up your look in a flash.

You probably know is a good practice to inter-change your shoes in order to keep your shoes in good condition.

Tips:  If you wear them every day for the next few months, they are going to age your favorite shoes super quickly. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.

Cap-Toe Oxford-Lace-up leather-made dress shoes will definitely be an excellent choice and create that timeless look. One can never go wrong with brown leather dress shoes as well.

Cole Haan - x

A classically contoured penny strap bridges the front of the Williams 2.0 Grand Penny from Cole Haan, an easy slip-on loafer made of buttery full-grain leather 


6. Learn to love layering

An interesting way to transform that flat look by adding another layer.

Most guys are intimidated by layering because they don’t really know where to begin.

It can be done with an extremely basic shirt or tee. A basic fix is hardly earth-shattering. A considerable lot of us favor tо keep it simple as possible by topping with a solid tone of sweater or coat or a white undershirt that can be visually appealing.


Sun + Stone - Men's Jacquard Jacket

Unlocks an all-access pass to timeless styles. Meticulously crafted, this railroad-style jacket blends vintage-inspired and modern fashion with an elevated artisanal feel.

The changeable weather will not freeze or boil you up, on the contrary, you can either remove and keep the layer on. Layering has endless opportunity for self-expression, combine your basic wear from the wardrobe, with a white crew neck tee, top with chambray blue, or a checkered shirt with just does the trick.

Some mixed match of layering to create that 2020 autumn | spring look.

Men's Linen Shirt Collection, Created for Macy's


The cool lightweight linen and pastel pink tone of these luxe suits separate from Tasso Elba make them the perfect choice for sunny days that call for an extra touch of sophistication.


7. Blazer & dress pants in a different shade

Choosing a Blazer or Sport Jacket with dress pants from a different shade, do away with the same tone. Be innovative, rethink your look, and managed with what is your closet.

Attempt to coordinate with contrast tone try keeping one lighter tone with a darker shade or stay pale all the way to create that summer bright sharp look.

For an instant, if you wanting to wear a Black or Navy blue blazer you may like to throw in a plain shirt for a formal occasion or a Cuban shirt for a casual smart look with a pair of khaki chinos.

On the off chance that you need to make that easygoing savvy look, try a lighter shape sport jacket with a salmon/pink polo tee, and pair it with your indigo denim will make you look extraordinary smashing.

Tasso Elba Men's 100% Linen 2-Button Blazer, Created for Macy's

The neutral lightweight linen fabric will keep you looking sharp and feeling comfortable from the boardroom to dinner


8. Design your wrists

Accessories appear to be small and insignificant however it is a brilliant way to create a statement of your personality. Watch is also a fashion statement of its own, what you put on your wrist will sort of defining your character.

An extraordinary adornment is the Cuff-interface on a French sleeve dress shirt that can demonstrate no mix-up to get the crushing look without a suit!

Bracelet is another unique accessory to remark someone who clothes himself to craft that fashion statement with just a tiny touch for details.

A unique woven design defines this striking men’s leather and stainless steel bracelet with black ion-plated 

This handsome black and brown multi-row leather bracelet from LEGACY for MEN

9. Ever-lasting look

While attempting to figure out what is trending, regular men look towards the fashion world for an idea but tense to get drifting away cause the fashion world is for guys who are obsessed with fashion.

Instead, try to put more focus on the quality material with fine details in finishing products. 

Looking classy and professional before you worry about looking trendy.

Tips: Discard that white shirt when the neckline is worn off or stained.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim-Fit Techni-Cole Flex Collar Solid Dress Shirt

sophisticated style with this classic-fit dress


10. Stop trying too hard

The key is don’t make a decent attempt and get stress up for no reason.

Put some details on grooming, it can be done quite effortlessly with;


A good hair-trimming every 2 to 3 weeks depending on your hair growth. Our HAIR is one of the most significant elements in looking great.


Fresh up with a shower and complete with a clean shaved in the morning routine will evidentially keep you energize, to finish it off with a masculine musky cologne, and you are prepared for a decent beginning of the day.


Ensure that the pair of shoes you put on are liberated free of dusk, and finally socks.

You need to dodge any extravagant print or clever shade like yellow or multicolor sock since this last touch can look cynical and distasteful.

The key is don’t try too hard and get stress up for no reason.


People Wearing Pair of Multicolored Socks


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