10 hairstyles on men love by women

10 Hairstyles On Men Love By Women


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I have been feeling kind of down recently, and somehow my self-esteem is dropping to a certain level quite a bit. These days, it has been hard to get it together in the morning. I took a hard look at myself in the mirror, and I knew it was high time for me to groom my crowning glory because I didn’t like what I saw.

Despite this looming presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to look fresh and liven up my mood most quickly is to have my hair trim.

YOON Salon has been open for some time now, but I haven’t had a chance to go there for a while. The moment I stepped foot inside, I was sure I was going to leave with exactly what I wanted. My stylist Ken, like always, picked up on my mood and was kind enough to talk me through a few hairstyles. (Don’t worry, we have our masks firmly in place during this session!)

At that moment, when I was seated on the barber chair, I felt much at ease and left everything to Ken. He was quick to access my desire to have a fresh look, and as always, he was creative and he always stays uptrend.

While Ken was grooming my look, we continued chatting on which mainstream men haircuts are most appealing to women currently based on his experiences. To my amazement, before trimming, Ken told me he needed to access each of these factors: strand texture, face shape, type of lifestyle we are leading, and the list goes on.

To bring the best of each of his creations, our cuts should be an extension of our personalities. When a woman checks you out, she wants to get a feel for the type of person you are.

Here are the  10 Men Haircuts in 2020.

You guys may like to try out on your next visit to your favorite salon;

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1. Layered Fringe

Ken shared with me that this look is currently hip and popular among the youngest executives, men with a medium strand density, and requires you to maintain the sideburn. It is relaxed and easy to manage style. Leaving it soft or adding body to it with a touch of hair clay will do the job.

2. Textured Crew Cut

To achieve this look, one needs to have a coarse and thick strand density, this crew cut with a slightly tapered sideburn will give off an edgy look for guys. However, it may require a little more time to perfect. It adds an air of confidence that is appreciated by both men and women.

3. Bush Mid Fade

With a more voluminous top and more tapered sides, this cut is suited for men who enjoy an active life and zipping in and out of meeting rooms and yet still look clean and well-groomed.

If you’ve ever wondered how difficult it is to style, professionals say it’s surprisingly easy! It only takes a few minutes with the right styling products. This look is indicative of a guy who knows what he wants, and women can’t help but wonder.

4. Pompadour Classic

This look is so avant-garde yet timeless and classic. It’s perfect for a guy who’s worldly and sophisticated, a fashionista with a modern twist. It isn’t normally a choice for beginners, but with a soft body, a perm will do the job to achieve the volume the crown needs.  The effort is worth the confidence boost it gives you with the ladies.

5. Sleek Side Part look

Even though there are a lot more new and energizing styles for men, the side part continues to be one of the most popular selections. All things considered, who could want anything more than this straightforward, savvy, and smooth look?

This look carries with it an air of control, looks dependable and diligent, the guy women want around when things are difficult. This is my favorite because my stylist mentioned it takes little effort, yet it carries an assertive attitude you can’t ignore.

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6. Soft Natural Curl

This longer cut, pictured above to the right, is the epitome of relaxed and natural. It’s perfect for men with naturally textured tresses or those who want to experiment with perms, both in an easily styled fashion.

Women love modern men who embrace their natural aesthetic, are approachable yet confident, making him a reliant and friendly character with a smooth attitude that draws women with their invigorating smile.

7. Simple Slick Back

This look might be as basic as it gets, but on the other hand, it’s extraordinarily jazzy. It’s difficult to turn out badly with this short side brush.

By battling time by covering your grays, you’re genuinely passing up your silver fox status. Those who rock the Silver Fox look have the right to sparkle. Above all else, regardless of the amount you spend on having your mane colored you aren’t tricking anybody.

8. Relaxed French Crop

This is the casual sweet cut. Suitable for men with a high forehead and thin to medium strand thickness and density. Again, to achieve the wavy look with a soft digital perm to create that natural look is essential. Getting a bit of that softer layering on the fringe will give you a more relax and add volume to the crown.

9. Classic Bush Back

Here’s a haircut that men with a thin flimsy mane will cherish. It is short in general and swept back at the front to frame a scaled-down quiff that is anything but difficult to accomplish even with fine locks.

It has an approachable side, but it’s not too tame, refined, and assertive, fostering an appeal that intrigues women at a glance.

10. Volume Bush Silver Fringe

This hairstyle portrays confidence, authority, and a competent attitude well suited for any high flyer. It is also easy to manage and adding a touch of highlight or bleach will complete this silver-gray contrast look. This look is striking and gaining attractions from most women.

Rediscover A New Look with YOON Salon 

To sum it up, all you need is a hairstyle that suits your way of life and face shape, and possibly a couple of new items on your dressing table to hold it all up. Be simply the best form of your legitimate that you can be and individuals will pay heed.

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Here is my before and after look, my wife likens this Side Part look as to me and I can’t agree more, after all, she is the boss 😊

However, the most important thing to remember is that you’re not limited by your natural hair!

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